Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Industrial Modern Masculine Bedroom Makeover (Part 1)

After the great bathroom flood of 2016 at the Neagle’s Nest, I decided it was time to gut the boys’ rooms and finally give them the rooms they deserved.  With the carpet ruined in Winston’s room, it was time for wood in both.  Winston’s room was first since the carpet was already half way ripped out by the water extraction team.  It just made sense.  Good bye carpet! 
After the carpet was gone, it was time for some demo.  I figured now was the best time to address the dreaded P word:  POPCORN.  You all know my disdain for this product, and I wanted it gone.  After a good amount of scraping, it was finally smooth enough for fresh paint.  White ceiling paint to the rescue!  I cannot believe the difference scraping a little popcorn will do for a room, but WOW.  I was already happier, and it was a mess.  Since it was already a war zone, I went ahead and ripped out all the baseboards, window trim, and door trim.  I have been dying to update the windows since the kitchen overhaul, and now was my chance to get started!  Blank slate, ready for updating!  Wow, it's rough taking photos without blinds.

Next came covering those tan walls with the a more modern neutral.  First I patched every single nail hole in his walls.  For some reason it looked like Swiss Cheese.  Granted they shared this room when they were little and went through several room makeovers as they got older, but I swear, I don't remember hanging stuff on every inch of that wall by the window!  I vow to be much more careful about placement when I start installing this time.  I can't believe I overlooked all those holes for that long.   As for a color, I wanted something that would play well with the Collonade Gray that we have throughout the house, but just a shade deeper. I decided to go with Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray for both boys’ rooms.  It’s crazy how different this color looks from one room to the next.  It truly does pull whatever you put around it.  I could not wait to see how it would look with that bright white trim I had planned.

A new ceiling fan was in order since he still had the tiny white one that was installed they were little and had bunk beds.  I was terrified they would get their heads or hands knocked off if I put a full size fan in there.  They still might now just because they are so tall, but I'm pretty sure they could take it.  

Once the walls were painted, I installed all the trim.  1x4 pre-primed boards were what I had for my perfectly crisp, Craftsman look.  I have the same installed in my front room and love it.  I mitered all the corners and used my brad nailer to install.  It goes so quickly when you have all the right tools. I installed the ones downstairs by hand, and let me tell you… just don’t.  Get a compound miter saw and a nailer.  You will never regret it.  Also note, I made sure to leave room to install my door trim.  If you don’t, you will have to install the door trim above the baseboards.  I personally didn’t want that look.  It’s totally up to you, but my way is right.  LOL!

Up next was the builder basic window and door trim.  I went with the Craftsman style trim with fillet and casing cap to match the baseboards and a timeless style that I just love.  I cut a new window sill from a 1x6 pine board using my old one as template but extending the cut out so it clears the window to sit under the 4” side trim and extend ½” on each side.  Bear in mind that a 1x4 board really isn’t 4” wide.  I don’t know why, but it’s just the rule.  It’s actually 3.5”.  So your board will need to be the width of your window, plus 8 so you have a little bit of sill extending past the side trim.  Then you will have to notch it out to sit in your window.  This is why it’s great if you have one to use as a template!  Lots less measuring.  The jig saw comes in very handy here.  There really is something to be said about that whole measure twice, cut once rule.  It works.  Once it’s all cut out and fits snugly in your window frame, brad nail that sucker in to the stud.  Next up I installed the side trim pieces.  They sit on top of the sill and extend up to the top of the window.  Once they are installed, I assembled the whole top portion before installing.  The top consists of a 1x4 that sits flush with your side trim, a piece of lattice (fillet) that extends ½” on each side to match your sill, and a 1x2 (casing) that sits on top the same length of the lattice. I attached the fillet and the casing to the 1x4 with my nailer and then attached it to the top of the window.  I filled in all the seams with caulk, and it was all I was hoping for.  I am in love.

I used the same style trim around his doors as well minus the sill of course.  1x4 trim up each side of the door, with the fillet and casing on top.  I may go back at some point and install a 1x3 to the very top just to bulk it up a little, but I haven’t decided yet.  I absolutely love the way the trim looks in contrast to the white doors.  I am in the process of painting all my interior doors black.  It’s said that every room needs a pop of black, and this definitely works in my book.  It makes my builder basic doors look a little bit more important.  I also have the lovely bright brass door knobs in my home.  A gross oversight when building.  I decided that I was going to make it work for me, and painted them antique brass.  The difference is incredible.  It took it from 1980 not so chic, to a more timeless look.  I’m almost glad I didn’t get the brushed nickel now. 

We moved the furniture back in at this point even though the room was not officially done.  The quilt and the rug just weren't working for me.  I didn't love the lamps or the headboard either, and I had big plans for that headboard wall. Alas, I had to get back to work, and the boy had to sleep somewhere besides the game room sofa, so in he went.  This was his room only temporarily!   He was a trooper and didn’t mind the half way done room for a few weeks.  Come back next week to see the final reveal of the Industrial Modern Masculine Makeover!  Let’s just say some plumbing pipe, and more exposed brick make an appearance!