Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here I go a thrifting!

Well I'm on a mission of greatness! My thrifting partner and I had quite the successful adventure today. So successful that I think we had at least 3 high fives during the course of our afternoon! We started our day at a garage sale at an obscure house in Keller. Most of his things were priced like he was running an antique brick and mortar. Not to say his stud wasn't amazing, I just wasn't prepared to pay $35 for a numbered yet opened and played with General Lee. Lol! Nor was I interested in paying $75 for a 1940s or 1950s speed racer type car. I did, however, score these terrific skates that I remember from my childhood for FIVE DOLLARS!

Our next fruitful stop was at Thrift Town in mid cities. I wasn't thrilled by this shop but did manage to find some chairs to add to the inventory! One upholstered bentwood arm chair was just begging for some stain and fab fabric. And two slat back side chairs with ridiculously oversized mismatched seats needed me desperately. These chairs are a perfect example of how NOT to Frankenstein some chairs together. Lol. Needless to say, I have a vision of fabulousness for these guys!

Our next stop was a great flea market that we just kind of stumbled upon. It's in our GPS now though! The first things I happened upon had me dancing the Snoopy dance! Old vintage window frames that were reclaimed from old homes likely from the 50s from what I can tell. I got FOUR of the diamond pane windows with all glass in tact as well as a large six pane black window with hardware still attached. These make me incredibly happy. I cannot wait to get them cleaned up and ready for someone to hang!

I also have a new fascination with vintage luggage. My bestie, Lynette Wilson, turned one into the cutest dog bed ever! My puppies prefer the sofa, but maybe I'll give it a shot now that I found these beauties! Yes they need some tlc, cleaning, and possibly some decoupage, but what potential. And at $3 for the set, it was a no brainier. I was proud to carry them with me the entire time we shopped!

All in all my trip went swimmingly and I can't wait to get my finds all fixed up and back on the market. I'll leave you with my not expected find of the day. We popped in on the last leg of an estate sale at one of Southlake's Mc Mansions. Sadly we missed out on pretty much everything, but Roscoe insisted I have this gorgeous beaded handbag. This little jewel had never been touched. Beaded green silk with antique gold hardware was indeed screaming my name although I need another bag like a hole in the head. Could you say no?? Thanks dear!

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